New Pokemon Mobile Game Revealed!

A new Pokemon game for IOS and Android devices, titled Pokeland, has opened up for testing in Japan today. The alpha test of Pokeland is, at the moment, exclusive to Android devices, although an IOS version of the game is confirmed. The app features gameplay similar to the Pokemon Rumble series in which you collect toy Pokemon in order to fight off waves of enemies. The Alpha test features six islands, 52 different stages and 134 different Pokemon. In addition, players will be able to fight up to floor 15 of the Champion Tower.

On the Japanese website, it has also been confirmed that an internet connection will be necessary to play the game, and that players who play the alpha test will not have the option to transfer their progress to the final game as all save data will be deleted before the game’s final release. Additionally, Pokeland will have the ability to connect with a Nintendo account, so you will be able to use your Mii Characters in-game, although we’re not sure as to what extent.

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